Figurative allusions be damned. If you must seek them out, ask yourself  “What does the energy in a memory look like?” High energy in some areas. Diffused blurs in other areas.  Smears of color come through boldly representing key elements like speaking to a loved one; faint color pushes through as a distraction like a breezy curtain across the room; how do they interact and distract from one another?

Oil on Birch Panel, 2014 (seen above); 
Assorted Paper and Silvered Mylar, 2015;
Wood Veneer and Silvered Mylar, 2015

Exhibition History

Hat Rac Gallery
Group Show with Shawn Murphy, Peggy Murphy
July – Sept 2014
Here I premiered the series with 7 oil on panel paintings in handmade frames


StumbleUpon Offices
Group Show with Shawn Murphy, Peggy Murphy
July – Aug 2015
Special for this show, I expanded the series with 8 papercut pieces while exhibiting 4 of the original oil paintings